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Get access to unlimited electricity right in the comfort of your home with Vectar Eco Portable Power Station to stay productive all day.

For remote workers, digital entrepreneurs, or service-based startups, having an epileptic power supply can be detrimental to deliverables and business. Toby, a software developer, shares his story with us.

I vividly remember the first time I landed my first international remote job. This was two months after the pandemic had subsided. I was super excited. A whole me finally earning in dollars. It was a dream come true.  I used the lockdown period as a software developer to polish my coding skills. Now, an international company allowed me to prove myself, and earning dollars in this Nigerian economy was nothing short of a morale booster. 
I called my friends who had started working remotely before me, and they organised a small hangout party to induct me into the tech community officially. My girlfriend and family were delighted; we finally had money to spend and enjoy our relationship life in Lagos. Work soon commenced, and I had already gotten the hang of working in different time zones. After my first paycheck, I got my babe a bone straight and renovated my mum's shop. It was not until two months later did I encounter my first major problem: the national grid had collapsed, and there was fuel scarcity.
I began to miss deadlines and meetings, rescheduling to later days when I hoped the electricity problems would be fixed or when I thought I would have gotten fuel. I went to my friend's house; they also did not have electricity. Our neighbour who bought some fuel would not allow others to charge, and the noise from his generator sent my head spinning. I could not work properly, and my zoom meetings failed because of the noise. My boss began seeing me as unreliable and untrustworthy even after explaining the country's state. He did not understand my reality. I went to bed every night, hoping I had not lost my job.
After queuing for days at the fuel station, I finally got petrol on the fifth day at a very high price. It was not until the generator refused to start did I realise the petrol I had purchased was mixed with water. I received my termination letter via email the following day, even though I saw the email six days later. Nigeria happened to me".

The generator could not help Toby at this point because there was no fuel; neither could his friends; they were all struggling to get fuel. The bad fuel he got spoilt his generator (which he spent resources to fix ), and he still did not get power.

Toby’s story is the reality of several remote workers as Nigeria is still ravaged by widespread power blackouts, which have slowed down the productivity of the Nigerian workforce.

According to Tekedia,
remote workers in Nigeria have missed out on gigs, cannot maintain regular communication with their employers, and miss deadlines and vital information. Due to the challenges of not keeping in touch with their employers and skipping work due to poor power supply, some employers have been forced to lay them off.

This is why we came up with

Portable Power Station

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This solution requires no long queues at the petrol station, no waste of resources or bad fuel. This solution can effortlessly run with zoom meetings since it is noiseless and does not generate fumes. Most importantly, this solution provides enough power to charge your gadgets, power your devices and make your stay productive all day long.

We call this solution …

The VECTAR ECO Portable Power Station…

With an impressive 1.5KWh capacity, the Vectar Eco Portable Power Station is an ultimate replacement for petrol generators providing sufficient power for your daily needs.

Here are some of its features we think you would love:

  • It is portable, durable and mobile: The power station can be carried to your desired location and used to provide electricity anywhere you choose.
  • No roof Solar Panel Installation: Unlike other solar systems, our 220 Watts flexible solar panel does not need a roof installation. However, Vectar Eco can work with already installed rooftop solar with ease.
  • The Vectar Eco Power Station can last for as long as 14 hours when fully charged, depending on the usage and recharges to 100% within one hour.
  • The Vectar Eco power station can be charged in 3 different ways, via the solar panel, the grid or a car.
  • The Vectar Eco power station uses a Lithium-ion Phosphate Battery (LiFePo4) which lasts longer than a lead acid battery. It also has a LED light for illumination during carriage.
  • It comes with a mobile app to control your station with just a button.
  • You can make cool money every time you use Vectar Eco Portable Power Station.
  • The Vectar Eco power station comes with a 4-year warranty.

The Vectar Eco Power Station costs ₦650,000. Solar panels can be bought separately. You can purchase our 220W flexible solar panels or request the traditional 400W solar panels.

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We are currently taking pre-orders from 60 customers. You only get to deposit 40% of the total payment of your preferred choice (with or without our flexible solar panels). 60% is due before delivery of your order, which is in the next three months.

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