Powering the future tech of sustainable energy

We are positioned to fundamentally change how our world uses power via the integration of incentivized fintech with cleantech for sustainable solutions.

Power Station

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Power Station

Solar Panels

Power Banks


We are Vectar

Vectar Energy is a sustainable energy development company invested in integrating CleanTech with FinTech, delivering incentivized, low carbon, data-driven, and cost-effective energy solutions to our clients.


Our mission is to deliver access to affordable, digital-driven, reliable, and sustainable energy to everyone.

We are at the heart of an inclusive and multidisciplinary-led energy transition.

Why Vectar?

Incentivizing democratized energy

We leverage IoT, and Blockchain integrating CleanTech with FinTech to provide a win-win energy transition for everyone.


Our clients trust us to deliver reliable energy solutions to their custom needs.

Premium Maintenance & Support

Our solutions are certified, and accredited warranties, and our culture of maintenance ensures lasting peace of mind for our clients.

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