Introducing The Vectar Eco Mini!

This little powerhouse packs a punch, with a 333Wh lithium-ion built-in battery and a 300W AC-rated output. It uses the sun’s energy to provide reliable and clean electricity, making it a great option for outdoor lovers or anybody looking for a backup power source.

The versatility of the Vectar Eco Mini is what sets it apart. You can charge it anywhere using one of three distinct charging options: an AC power socket, a solar panel, or a car charger. The Vectar Eco Mini can be fully charged in just 3 hours thanks to its 100W solar input cap, allowing you to top up power wherever you are.

Despite its small size, this solar power unit can easily power necessary electronics such as laptops, LED televisions, and rechargeable fans. It is the perfect backup energy source for people who like to live life on the road as well as those who have an unreliable power supply.

The Vectar Eco Mini also has two USB ports, a type-C output, a DC output, and an AC output, making it compatible with a variety of electronics. You can rest assured knowing that your investment in the Vectar Eco Mini is covered by a 12-month warranty.

We are excited to introduce the Vectar Eco Mini, a more compact solar power solution that helps supply clean and reliable energy for all of your needs. Click here to buy yours and enjoy the freedom to charge your devices whenever and wherever you want.

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